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Châtillon, France

Smart Inbound Marketing

We strongly believe that your success is driven by the Customer Experience you deliver to your clients; our mission is to allow you to generate more opportunities and revenue by improving your customer satisfaction.

In this perspective CX Consulting, Digital Marketing, Digital CRM and IT Digital Transformation are essential for your business transformation and we made them our key offers.

We can help your business and IT teams deliver operational solutions that are innovative and easy to implement, with strong and immediate impact on the business. We provide consulting, business solutions, IT project management, and third party application maintenance.

In order to offer your clients an experience that matches your ambitions, it is essential that your client strategy is clearly defined and understood internally.

Define the winning strategy according to your position and your strategic objectives : conquer new segments, consolidate your strengths, secure your market share …

To help you, our methodology from an objective analysis of the position you hold in your markets: internal diagnostics and external , general business strategy , benefits differentiating , value proposition … Thus, we determine together the objectives More appropriate for each type of customer, depending on its attractiveness and capabilities.

Main Office: 22 Boulevard de Stalingrad, 92320 Chãtillon, France
Phone: +33 (0) 1 80 41 00 31



CEO, Head of Marketing & Innovation

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